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ADDRESS: 747 Providence Hwy (Route 1) #8, Dedham, MA 02026 - Dedham Plaza - Near Star Market, across from Bestbuy & BJ’s      TEL: 781-708- 9981       BUSINESS HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9:30 am – 8:00 pm. Last client taken is at 7:30 pm for only hands or feet.|   Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm. Last client taken is at 6:00 pm


Artificial nails are an option for anyone who has trouble growing their own nails. Some ladies find that artificial nails can help them stay away from the habit of nail biting. Also, please keep in mind that nail polish lasts longer on artificial nails. We recommend a refill every two weeks to protect your nails from breaking, chipping, lifting, and fungal infections. It is important that water is not trapped under the artificial nails as it may create a fungus. If you you wash dishes or clean the house, please put the latex gloves on because water can cause you nails to get fungus and dry your skin.


Acrylic Overlay$35 & up

Your natural nails are strengthened by a thin layer of acrylic to reinforce the nails without adding to the length. This is a great solution for anyone who is hard on their nails. The nail polish lasts longer than it typically would on natural nails. (40 minutes)

Full Set Acrylic Tips$35 & up

The light nail tips are attached to the free edge of your natural nails to add length. Then, acrylic powder is put over the entire nail. Polish is then applied. The polish will stay on your nails perfectly for at least two weeks. The nails come out strong and durable. (40 minutes)

Acrylic Sculptured Nails$75.00

For clients who prefer not to have plastic tips, these nails are sculptured onto your own nails with a form to extend the length without the plastic tips.(60 minutes)

Acrylic White Tips$40.00

Nails are extended with white tips and gel powder to create the long lasting appearance of the French Manicure (forever French). (40 minutes)

Acrylic Fill-In$25 & up

For your protection, it is important to maintain your nails by getting a refill every two weeks to prevent your nails from lifting, breaking, or getting fungus. (30 minutes)

Curve Nails$5-20 extra
Long Nails$3-20 extra
Repair$5 per nail
Repair With French$6 per nail

Solar Pink & White

Solar Full set$45.00
Solar Pink & White Acrylic Full Set$55.00

The built-in French manicure is achieved by using two colors of acrylic. They don’t turn yellow. (60 minutes)

Pink & White Refill$50.00

Recommended every two weeks for a refill (70 minutes)

Pink Refill Only$30 & up

Recommend a refill every two weeks to prevent lifting, breaking, or fungus. (30 minutes)

Color Acrylic Full Set$65 & up

The built in French style is achieved by using two colors of acrylic, followed by the U.V gel sealer. (65 Minutes)

Color Acrylic Refill (70 Minutes)$60.00

Dipping Powder

Full Set$45.00
French Set$55.00

Gel Powder

Gel Powder Full Set$40.00

Ideal for the thin appearances and clients who are prone to lifting. Nail tips are glued to the free edge to add length to your nails. Then, gel powder is applied to the length of your nails. Polish application. (40 minutes).

Gel Top is recommended on Gel powder. $5 Extra

Gel Powder Refill$30 & up

Recommend a refill every two weeks to prevent lifting, breaking, or fungus. (30 minutes)

Sea Shell Nails Full Set$80.00

The newest creation in the nail industry. The sea shell powder is applied at the free edge. Then clear or gel powder is put over the entire nail, followed by the art line and U.V. gel sealer. Sea Shell Nails is also called “Gemstone nails” or “Rock nails”. (70 Minutes)

Sea Shell Nails Refill (80 Minutes)$75.00

Silk Wraps

Silk Wrap Full Set$70.00

Ideal for creating a natural and thinner look. Non-porous thin layer of silk is wrapped over your natural nail. Then, liquid glue is applied over the silk for adhesive. (75 minutes)

Silk Wrap Refill$50.00

Recommend a refill for silk wrap every two weeks to prevent lifting, breaking, or fungus. (60 minutes)

Silk Wrap Repair$8 per nail
Silk Wrap Re-Glue$30.00

Note: All artificial nails are recommended to be replaced every 4-6 months to prevent any fungal infections. (45 minutes)

Polish Change

Includes filing and buffing. Getting them cut down is $2.00 extra for real nails and $5.00 extra for artificial nails.

Hands without acrylic$9.00
Hands with acrylic$12.00
French Tips (Hands)$14.00
American Tips (Hands)$15.00
French Tips (Feet)$17.00
Remove Nail Enhancement
Nail Take (Soak) Off Without Service$22.00
Nail Take Off With Regular Manicure$32.00
Nail Take Off With New Set$5 – 10

Additional Services

Gel Top / Shiny Buff$5.00
Callus Eliminator$5.00
Sea Salt (Sugar) Scrub$5.00
Air Brush Design$5 & up
Nail Art/ Hand Design$3 & up
Shiny Buff$5.00
Cut Down$5 & up
Long Nails$3 – 20
Curve Nails$5 – 20
Repair$5 & up
10 Rhinestones$5.00
Sparkle Line$5.00
Any Color Line$5.00

Paraffin Treatment

Ideal for clients who have dry, cracking, or flaking skin. Beyond hydrating and nourishing the skin, paraffin is beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, fatigued muscles, and scar tissue. Paraffin offers relief through the use of moisture and heat. Please note that paraffin treatments are not recommended for clients who have high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins, open cut and sores, and unusual hand & foot conditions.

Hands (10 Minutes)$10.00
Feet (10 Minutes)$12.00


U.V. Gel (liquid)

U.V. Gel Full Set$45.00

U.V. Gel does not turn yellow. Nail tips are attached to the free edge of your natural nails. Then, U.V. Gel is applied over the whole nail and cured under a ultra violet light for hardening to give a long, natural and crystal look. Polish is then applied. We recommend the French Finish ($5 extra) for a professional look. (60 minutes)

U.V. Gel Refill$35.00

Recommend a refill every two weeks to prevent lifting, breaking, or fungus. (50 minutes)

U.V. Gel Repair$5 per nail
Pink & White U.V. Gel Full Set$70.00

The built-in French Manicure is achieved by using two colors of U.V. Gel liquid. (70 minutes)

Pink & White U.V. Gel Refill$70.00

Recommend a refill for U.V. gel every two weeks to prevent lifting, breaking, or fungus. (70 minutes)

Pink & White U.V. Gel Repair$8 Per Nail